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daily struggle

this is how I feel sometimes…  #tfa #firstyearteaching  Advertisements

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cookies for teachers

yes, well i wanted to follow up that last post with something totally adorable that happened today in school. i’d almost forgotten about it because i was so consumed by … Continue reading

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mean kids

somehow i’ve become a middle school teacher in new york city. it’s surreal, it’s amazing, it’s hair-pulling, it’s frustrating, and it’s everything else in between. so i’ll get to talking … Continue reading

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changing of the seasons

one of my favorite places in san francisco is stow lake. it’s one of the best places to actually watch the change of the seasons in this city. i first … Continue reading

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well, we went to Reno… lost most of our money, but we had a wonderful time doing it. after basically just handing our wallets to the nice lady trying to … Continue reading

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4 year old dr. pepper

i don’t even like dr. pepper to begin with. i don’t like cherry cola or really many sodas at all. if i’m gonna have a soda at all, i’m gonna … Continue reading

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the mission

sometimes i feel like i could discover something new every single day in the mission district. that’s one of the things i love about it. got off work today and … Continue reading

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